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Export Builders

International Business Expansion Specialists

If you are a company or someone with a professional interest or mandate to help your members, customers, or local companies succeed, give us a call or send us an email. We can probably help!



         1.  Entertaining luncheon talks at events (30-45 minutes)

         2.  Focused breakout sessions at conferences (60-90 minutes)

         3.  Export Plan Builder - participants create their own plans (2 days)

         4.  Executive Program - complete program with guest experts (6 days)

Let us know when you need an "Expert Who Speaks".  We can    customize a program to suit your requirements, and will do our best to send everyone away more knowledgeable and inspired than when they came.  We get rave reviews that make you look good!


Some of the things we discuss during our programs:

  • How to Find Customers - Anywhere!

  • Negotiate Effectively

  • Design Promotional & Sales Material

  • Support Distributors and an In-Market Sales Force

  • Manage Cultural Differences and Expectations

  • Promote & Adapt Your Brand and Products

  • Create Trust

  • Do Online Market Research

  • Prepare for Trade Shows and Maximize Effectiveness

  • Build Long Term Relationships

  • Prepare, Conduct and Conclude Sales Calls

  • Travel Efficiently and Safely

  • Generate Action Plans

  • Approach New Customers in Their Language

  • Understand and Calculate Export Costing & Pricing

  • Sell Your Services

  • Comply with Laws and Regulations

  • Move Freight and Clear Customs

           ...and many more

Our trainers are professional, yet approachable.  Experienced, yet always learning.  Insightful and inspirational.  And committed to your success. 

Our programs are not typical one-way "seminars".  They are discussions and conversations centered around the issues that matter most to participants.  We love doing this stuff.  Prepare to be inspired!

So who do we work with and train?

  • Companies of all sizes
  • Industry / regional cluster members
  • Groups organized by trade associations
  • Conference organizers
  • Speaking bureaus
  • Government trade officials
  • Groups organized by economic development professionals
  • University and college classes
  • Groups organized as special value-added services by banks, accounting companies, and others who want to differentiate their services from their competition

Our training team is led by one of the most experienced and highly rated trainers and facilitators in International Business Development, often referred to as "The Export Coach".


Operating internationally requires skills and mindsets that differ from home markets. Cultural faux-pas, currency fluctuations, risk, business practices, networking and so many other aspects of your business need to be adjusted to achieve success.

We can help you to understand not only how things are different over there, what to expect, and what to do - but also how YOU come across as "different" to them and how they will perceive you!