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Export Builders

International Business Expansion Specialists




Companies who outsource their export sales activities instantly get an experienced professional on their team who is ready to work immediately. 

We know how to research and analyze potential foreign markets and we will learn intensively about your products and/or services. With that knowledge, the Export Builders team will be able to position your company, identify opportunities, deal with challenges, and manage the cultural barriers that may exist.

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Export Sales Services are simply a way to outsource your export sales activities rather than using your in-house sales team to venture into unknown territory. It is the best way to immediately acquire the know-how needed to succeed in more distant markets that become immediately accessible.

These services are ideal for companies who have limited export experience, or limited numbers of markets open to their products.

Larger companies can also benefit from our services as they may already export to some countries but could lack experience in others.

Outsourcing your export sales force to Export Builders will lower your expansion risks and increase your probability of success. We are experienced sales professionals who have dealt with a wide range of international challenges. We're ready to join your team and get straight to work.


Get the experienced International Sales Executives of Export Builders on your team.  You get our skills, experience and network - we'll get the sales! 

1.  Getting to know each other

This stage is crucial to understanding the key factors of your company that will make your international expansion a success.  Knowing  your strengths and weaknesses, products and value proposition, medium and long term objectives, production capacity, R&D and engineering pipeline, the budgets you want to invest in your expansion ... all essential  information to build an efficient and comprehensive export business plan. 


2.  Identifying and approaching the market(s)

We will then analyze potential markets for your company to identify opportunities and threats, evaluate the competition, generate marketing materials, and begin approaching customers and distributors in priority markets.


3.  Initial sales and market growth

Export Builders will create plans, conduct sales meetings with potential in-market targets, and secure sales opportunities.  Our involvement will allow your company to divert little time away from its core business and existing customer base, while we take care of your export business. 


Ultimately, we will sell your products or services wherever there are opportunities.


  • Generates sales in new export markets
  • Brings instant experience to companies
  • Opens up untapped opportunities
  • Allows companies to begin exporting immediately without the learning curve
  • Gives companies access to an already established network
  • Increases profitability
  • Reduces risk


Smaller and Medium Sized Companies

This service is ideal for SMEs who do not have large sales forces and may have little or no experience in international markets.  The Export Builders team will open the new markets chosen by the company, develop in-country distribution and networks, and bring new clients and sales.  All of this without the high costs of hiring a full time sales executive, or dedicating large amounts of time from the company's management team.

Larger Corporations

Large companies sometimes want to explore new markets where they do not have experience, without redeploying or increasing their sales force and losing focus.

International Trade Associations               

Contracting out a sales force specialized in international expansion can be an ideal solution for trade associations whose members are interested in selling into new international markets. The Export Builders team can engage into sales activities for members, and also establish partnerships with sister organizations in other countries and undertake activities to expand networks and attract new members and establish offshore relationships for the association.