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Export Builders

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Not just a plan or report - implementation is also available

It means YOU have an international opportunity, challenge, objective, or project.  And perhaps you need a little help in finding the right solution or course of action.  Our experience, contacts, and expertise may be the answer.


How to expand into new markets is a common requirement.  Below is an example of a 3-phase international expansion plan, characterized by Go/NoGo decision points between each phase to give you the flexibility to decide whether or not to continue.

Once the initial list has been defined, the Export Builders team will do in-depth research of the few markets that you will have selected. 

This phase will bring you a complete approach and strategy to penetrate this new market. We will not only bring you names of potential in-market distributors, we will approach them together and start promoting your products, services and concepts to assess real interest and potential sales.

We will identify potential customers and appropriate dealers, distributors, agents, or representatives in the local market that will become your distribution partners.  We will generate marketing materials to use as we approach them together as we gauge interest in the market.

We will analyze the market and competition, and meet to discuss your next Go/NoGo decision on whether or not you will proceed to the next phase - an in market visit - to see it for yourself.


This initial phase of collaborative work with the Export Builders team will be the foundation of your company's expansion plan. We will spend time with you and your team to understand your products, aspirations and capabilities.

We will analyze your strengths and vulnerabilities, and your readiness to compete in tough international markets.


We will then research the globe and activate our networks to assess which markets will be the most accessible for your company. The list that will be developed will include markets that will cover the short, medium and long term expansion objectives of the company.

We'll give you our recommendations on which market(s) are most appropriate for you, and what it will take to access them.  Then you will make a Go/NoGo decision on whether you will proceed to the next phase.

If you decide to proceed, we will move to Phase 2 and prepare for market entry.


The final phase is the in market visit.  There is no substitute for seeing the market, meeting the people, observing the competition, and simply getting a "feel" for the place.

You'll meet the people you've found and have been communicating with.  You'll see how the culture affects the market.  You'll almost always encounter new opportunities by chance encounters that don't happen from a distance.

You'll build lasting relationships.  You'll have fun.  And you will come home with new knowledge that will make you an even tougher competitor at home - even if you decide not to continue in that market.  It is a no-lose proposition.

At the end of this phase, together we can build an Action and Implementation Plan with the in-depth market knowledge you've acquired if it is apparent that you can succeed.  This is the ideal outcome.

 The Export Builders team offers you the possibility of extending our services to you for as long as you need us.  We can even represent you in these new markets.