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Export Builders

International Business Expansion Specialists


Again and again, collaboration among companies from the same industry, geographic region, or same target market 

has paved the way to international success.

Industry clusters / consortia have proven to be the easiest, fastest, and most risk-free way for a company to expand its reach into distant markets.  Backed by the experience of professional facilitation and the support of the other group members, companies have a real opportunity to increase their sales, competitiveness, and profitability through export market expansion.  


Call or email us personally if you think an export cluster could be right for your organization, city, country, or association.  We’d be happy to listen to your ideas and objectives, and to give you our thoughts on how you can achieve your goals.  Even if it doesn’t involve us!



Members meet regularly in small peer-group settings, often with the assistance of one of our professional international business facilitators to provide guidance and direction. A proven “basic training” program is available, particularly for new exporters.  We also provide an export planning module in which members write their own Export Plan, which they then go on to implement.

Together, they travel on trade missions, receive incoming buyers and exhibit at trade shows. They find ways to collaborate.  They share experiences and pass on contacts.  Most importantly, these peer groups support each other and try hard to share their success. 


Export clusters are guided every step of the way by an Export Builders' facilitator with in-market experience in dozens of countries. Our facilitators are highly committed to the success of members, and to sharing their experience and insights with motivated managers from progressive companies.




Industry clusters are simply groups of companies with common goals who share resources, experiences, contacts and exposure to international opportunities.

They are typically focused within a specific industry or sector, and take advantage of opportunities to share sales distribution channels, freight and logistic services, market information, contacts, and advice and insights gained from each member's experiences.  

Export clusters may also be geographically-focused by where they are located, or by the export market they are focusing on.  In these cases, different industries may be involved, which also provides opportunities for collaboration and cost/risk reduction.       

These groups of 3 – 12 companies are often organized by Economic Development Professionals at all levels of government who can identify local candidates for a cluster for specific regions or industry sectors. Industry Trade Associations also provide our support as a paid service to members who are interested and serious about exporting. And sometimes we build clusters around companies who somehow find their own synergies and need some help along their way into new markets.

And sometimes we build clusters around companies who somehow find their own synergies and need some help along their way into new markets.                      



Typical organizers of clusters are Trade Associations, Government Economic Development Organizations, and others who assemble groups of companies to help them be more competitive, knowledgeable, and successful. 

  • Increased power, success, and profitability
  • Reduced risk and investment
  • Captures synergy of non-competing players in similar industries, areas, or with the same target export markets      
  • Increased probability of success
  • Guided and managed by experienced international business facilitator                               
  • Extensive export support and essential business services can be arranged for each cluster