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Export Builders

International Business Expansion Specialists

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Export Builders can deliver exactly what you need.  Some examples:

  • Create a cluster or a consortium for your local companies or members of your association
  • Develop a strong export plan that will push your sales where you've never been before
  • Innovative global marketing strategies
  • In-market sales visits
  • Market research and analysis
  • Dealing with opportunities and challenges
  • Trade show presence and representation
  • Media and conferences
  • Speaking engagements
  • Overall, helping you deal with your specific scenario

We have the skills and experience.  Use them - a little, or a lot.  It's all about you, and what you need to succeed.  Whatever  your situation, we're on your team and ready to help!

CLUSTERS & consortia 

Utilize your industry or region's synergies


Finding solutions to your unique situation


Outsource an experienced Sales Executive

No company is too small to expand internationally.

Ever faced the anxiety of a blank order book for more than a few months?  The dangers of cyclical markets?  Rapid growth that needs financing?  Or reluctance to let go of some of your company's control to expand?


Why increase headcount, break the bank, or forfeit that perfect opportunity because you just don't have the right contacts, cash flow or expertise? 

Not every company is a large multinational with the budget and means to hire full time high level executives to deal with complex situations or search the globe for market opportunities.

We have the solution.

At Export Builders, we are not bound by corporate policies, internal politics and all the limitations usually associated with large corporations.  We think outside the box and are not afraid to rock the boat.  We can focus on you and your company.  We believe in hands-on participation and as part of your team, we can actively participate in sales conferences, management & strategy meetings, marketing campaigns and any other activity in which we can make a real and measurable contribution.


Because every company has its own history, value proposition, culture, product line, budget, diversity and objectives, we pride ourselves in offering a level of flexibility where any export-minded company can find its niche.

The Export Builders team will work with your timeline and resources to deliver the right solution to your international expansion needs.

We go out of our way to fit into your mold.

Working tirelessly to ensure that tender deadline is met, finding that elusive foreign rep who is so hard to reach, introducing you personally to the specialist you need, or simply finding customers for you, we will spare no effort to deliver what you need. 


At your doorstep ... with a global footprint.

We are a team of international business specialists with an extensive global network. We pride ourselves in offering personalized, perfectly tailored solutions to export-experienced companies or those that have limited or no exposure to international markets - yet.  Collectively, the directors of Export Builders have accumulated decades of experience in international business development in 45+ countries, and have successfully supported hundreds of companies in their efforts towards exporting.

We have the in-house tools, resources, and experience to drive the global growth of companies.  Through our affiliations, we can further provide you with a comprehensive range of services that will fit every company's situation, opportunity, challenge or objective. From Toronto to Shanghai, Johannesburg to Sydney, we have access to experts in international distribution, representation, shipping, law, finance, and any other resource you may require in virtually any industry.

Export Training

Helping you think and act globally