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Another way of describing Export Sales Services is simply Export sales professionals joining your team, ready to work.

Bringing our skills, contacts, and experience to clients with unique international opportunities, challenges, and projects. .

Groups of companies collaborating to expand internationally, brought together by industry. geographic area, or target market..

If your company or organization wants to sell  more, engage a speaker, training, or consulting, or create an export cluster or consortium, we can probably help.  Call or email, and let's start a discussion.

Companies and groups discovering "what to do and how to do it" and acquiring the know-how to export for themselves.

Delivering  proven international business results for companies, associations, government, and economic development organizations.

Solutions for companies and organizations who want to expand their export business - or that of their members  or local companies - but may not have all the resources, contacts, or experience they need to tackle the challenges of international trade.

We increase efficiency, profitability, and probability of success while reducing risk.  We work with individual companies, and with groups organized by trade associations, government, and economic development organizations.

Export Builders is an approachable team of experienced international business professionals who are passionate about helping others compete globally.


Contact us with your challenge or opportunity and discover how we may be able to help you too.

Tel:  +1.705.717.3509                                                Email: info@exportbuilders.org

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